Project Metro Accelerator for Hospitality

SO CONNECT has been selected as one of the six startups by Metro Makro Group to participate in the pilot Project Metro Accelerator for Hospitality HORECA Digital 2017 in Barcelona. The Project selects digital and technology startups across the entire value chain of hospitality that can help independent restaurants, hotels and caterers with innovative digital solutions that improve their businesses.

Barcelona is the fifth city in which the initiative has been carried out. Selected restaurants that expressed interest in different digital solutions are provided with a full year subscription for one of the six options. Amongst the other start-ups in the project innovative ideas can be found such as Miss Tipsy, a powerful and intuitive POS tool on the market, that helps control expenses and increase benefits; Shore, a solution for customers management, marketing, online presence and payment solutions; or Intowin, a startup that helps restaurants ‘gamify’ their offers to attract more customers.

Those interested in SO Connect expressed the need for insightful and valuable information about their customers, and understand the importance of offering free WiFi as a service as well. Guest marketing assures them the possibility to convert one-time visitors in loyal customers and social media followers through Wi-Fi, which is extremely valuable for businesses who seek to digitize their endeavors.
Today’s consumers spend a large portion of their day interacting with devices that are WiFi enabled such as phones, tablets and portable computers. They have grown accustomed and increasingly demanding with regards to expectations for high-speed internet and Internet-enabled applications. They need them to check email, access work files, upload photos, engage on social media sites, watch movies, or listen to music everywhere and at all times.
According to a study by Phocuswright, a Global Travel Market Research Company: ‘70% of travelers, from a sample of 2,203 U.S. travelers surveyed, connect to wireless at hotels and 59% connect to wireless at restaurants and they believe it’s not a luxury anymore but a necessity’.

For Makro customers, the scope of these expectations directly reflects on their business success. Here’s where SO Connect steps in and provides an even more elaborate solution than simply offering service. With Guest Marketing, hospitality owners can gain in-depth knowledge about their customers. They will be able to increase their online (social) presence and contact them after their visit. It’s an easy solution that helps create loyalty from customers and empowers hospitality owners to generate direct profit from their WiFi.

At SO Connect we support initiatives such as Metro Accelerator for Hospitality and applaud its implementation and that of similar projects worldwide. We would like to thank Metro Makro Group for including us in the project.