Most of your revenue comes from returning guests,
engaging with them increases the return rate


Offer secure and branded guest Wi-Fi for your guests were they login via their email address or social media account.


Send marketing messages after their visit such as birthday messages, special offers or use the TripAdvisor Review Express™.


Continuous and personalized engagement with your guests has proven to result in many more returning guests.

How does it work?

Collect contact details of your guests via WiFi

It all starts with offering an easy to use, secure and fully branded Wi-Fi login experience for your guests. They login via their Social Media or Email account giving you to the opportunity to automatically collect contact details as well as various demographic details of your guests.

Stay in touch after their visit

Set up automated email messages to stay in touch with your guests after their visit. Send birthday messages, special offers and use TripAdvisor review express ™ or if you are a hotel, encourage a direct booking for their next visit

Increase the return rate

For most of our clients, returning guests contribute to more than half of their revenue. Mail-after-visit is the most effective way to stay in touch with your guest. By automating this, you can continuously engage with them and make sure they keep coming back.

Get your guest WiFi up and running

Use our plug and play premium brand Wi-Fi router or seamlessly integrate our software with one of the many hardware partners of SO Connect, making sure your current WIFI infrastructure is used to the fullest and no extra hardware or on-site installation is required.

A selection of our integration partners:

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