Guest Marketing

Get in touch and engage with your visitors by email.

Returning customers are your bread & butter.

Know them

Gain access and insights from guests as they log into Wi-Fi.

Message them

Send targeted and automated messages with offers and invitations.

Welcome them back

Build relationships that turn new guests into regular visitors.

How it works?

STEP 1. Offer free Wi-Fi

Our plug-&-play router works with your existing Internet connection to provide free, secure Wi-Fi for your guests. No other hardware or installation is required.

STEP 2. Collect contact info

Guests log onto your Wi-Fi with their email address or social account. Our system stores and protects this data for you in full compliance with the latest regulations.

STEP 3. Stay in touch

Our dashboard lets you plan and automate messages like birthday wishes, menu changes, or seasonal offers. Set it and forget it!

Why Guest Marketing?


Repeat guests make up for on more than 60% of your revenue

Returning guests spend more per visit than first-time visitors

Personalised contact makes for better referrals and reviews and helps acquire new customers

See it in action