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About them

OBENAN is a Local SEO company that helps local businesses, retail brands, and multiple locations enterprises to increase their search engine visibility to drive more foot traffic.

Their story begins with Erhan Seven, who has been a restaurateur for more than a decade. His enthusiasm for Local SEO started when he succeeded to make his restaurants, found more than 1M people on the search per month. Then, helping out behind the scenes to his restaurateur friends and his restaurants, he turned his attention to the digital side of the business. The passion developed and formed a Local SEO specialist aimed at helping restaurateurs, hoteliers and local business owners to establish themselves online and increase their findability rate primarily using SEO. 

Collaboration with SO Connect

OBENAN offers multiple services in terms of Local SEO, such as recurring auto Google Post, keywords search, Geotag Images, On-Page SEO Checker, Keyword Rank Tracker, Competitive Research. However, the company had to create an ecosystem uniting fundamental solutions design for anyone to complete their Local SEO duties in one user-friendly dashboard. To build up their dream from scratch would cost a tremendous amount of time and investment. That’s how they end up in partnership with SOConnect. They didn’t just found a fantastic solution; they found excellent support since 2018.



The word “partnership” is over-used in business but becoming partners is more than a word. It requires understanding both parts benefits equally, attention, continuous support and patience for an excellent result.


“We found it all within our partnership. We are more than happy to embrace a love for Local SEO with SO-Connect, adventurous spirit and a creative approach to solving even the most complex problems with SO-Connect’s patient support team. Our partnership followed an international expansion. We reached many brick and mortar, local businesses in Dubai, Austria, Turkey, Germany and many more countries.”- E.O. Seven, CEO, OBENAN