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Escape rooms are interactive game rooms where a group of people is locked into a room. Together with your team, you try to escape the room by putting every puzzle piece together within 60 minutes. Each escape room has its own mysterious theme such as crime or horror. We spoke to Escape World owner Rob Schwarz to understand the key of its success.

About Escape World

The escape room hype flew over to Europe and America all the way from Japan. Escape World owner Rob Schwarz introduced the first escape room in Amsterdam. Four locations and 21 escape rooms further and Escape World became a famous concept for anyone who is not afraid of a little tension and gameplay. From inexperienced players to pro players, Escape World offers a different kind of level to keep you challenged.

Collaboration with SO Connect

“When I started with Escape World, I created every mystery myself. But now I gathered a whole team to do it for me! At first, there were a lot of visitors from Amsterdam. But after a while of you see that these people visit less as most locals have done it once or twice, and that’s often enough for them. Now our audience has evolved to a combination of companies and tourists.” says Schwarz.

“The reason why we became SO Connect customer back in 2014 is that we wanted to become more active and gain more exposure on Facebook. Three years later we still see a huge difference compared to the situation before we asked our customers for a like”.

Results and future goals

”What our next challenge is now is to get more grip on email marketing, something that is offered within the Guest Engagement platform. This way we can continue to try to activate the local audience with customized messages and personalized offers”.