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+Factory Girl ‘s hip, stylish and friendly atmosphere, combined with its delicious vegan and vegetarian offering, has earned them a huge number of happy customers.
We spoke to Orhan Seven, General Manager, about the power of online reputation and the practices to turn happy customers into positive reviews.

Making the most of customer feedback

Over the last few years, the emerging trend of online reviews is drastically changing the way consumers interact with local businesses. Listening to customer feedback is not a new trend – it has been part of running a business since forever – however, listening to feedback from online reviews in addition to other forms of feedback like surveys, is a relatively new concept.

On the other hand, it is proven that customers are 21 percent more likely to leave a review after a negative experience than a positive one. This means that the overall rating of a business that is not actively asking customers for reviews may be unfairly low – meaning the public customer feedback does not reflect the real customer experience.

Seizing the potential behind online reviews, Seven, General Manager at +Factory Girl, realized that they needed to take control of their online reputation. And they needed to do it quickly.

In particular, their objectives were:

  • Monitor and analyze online reviews to gain actionable insights.
  • Secure positive public-facing reviews on sites like Google and Facebook, in order to use those reviews in their marketing strategy.

Collaboration with SO Connect

That’s where SO Connect Reviews came in.

We showed Seven how we collect all his reviews in one overview, analyze them by sentiment, topic, keywords, track his rankings and even his competitors’ – and he was surely impressed by all this.
But it was when we showed him how easy it would be for his business to send review requests to happy customers, that he decided to give it a try.

Results and future goals

The results are simply impressive.

In only six months, +Factory Girl gained +361 new reviews, increasing their positive reviews by 98% and scaling up the TripAdvisor ranking by +454 positions.
With our WIFI Marketing tool, +Factory Girl is able to collect customer contact details via WIFI logins; a review request is then sent to the customers automatically after their visit. It’s so effortless for the customer to leave a review (literally a few clicks away), that, together with outstanding customer experience, this can only result in the hype of positive reviews.
In addition to this, +Factory Girl is also taking advantage of the SO Connect Listings tool, making sure their business information is accurate and consistent on over +50 online platforms – and increasing the possibility to get found by potential guests.

More reviews + accurate listings = higher rankings on Google. That’s the formula for growth.