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Café Carbon is the place that unites meat lovers and that friendly Dutch ‘gezelligheid’. If you are wondering about the name Café Carbon, it’s named as such because the meat is prepared on a Carbon grill. Which, not coincidentally, is also the reason why the meat tastes so ridiculously good.  SO Connect spoke to Gerben van der Worp, manager at Café Carbon.

About Restaurant Carbon

Carbon has a total of three beautiful locations in Amsterdam: van Woustraat, Amstelveenseweg and Mauritskade.

Every location serves its own charm. On the first location, van Woustraat, you can opt for private dining. The Amstelveenseweg location has a terrace that is almost twice as big as the restaurant itself. Café Carbon East has an Express service, allowing you to enjoy Carbon on the go or at home.

Says Gerben, “Before Café Carbon opened its doors, the location was an old darts café. We characterize ourselves as a steakhouse with that real Amsterdam feeling. Everybody is welcome to have a snack, have a sit-down dinner or  have a few drinks at the bar”,

Collaboration with SO Connect

Café Carbon caters to a diverse audience. From couples for a romantic dinner, families and tourists to local neighborhood residents. Carbon has become quite famous in Amsterdam, as its no-nonsense attitude to good food is hard to forget. Don’t expect Carbon to serve a selection of twenty different craft beers or cocktails. Carbon is a deliciously simple concept that just works!

“Besides the fact that we serve good food, we also offer good service” says Gerben. ”The reason why we began a partnership with SO Connect, is because we believe that offering good service includes offering free internet. It helped us gain more visibility on our social media channels. Besides, we don’t have to waste time handing out passwords. 

Results and future goals

Before we started with SO Connect we weren’t exactly a social media star. But we realize that if you want more visibility on social media, you will have to find ways to engage your guests! In the beginning, we relied a lot on word-of-mouth advertising, but adding Review Management to the mix really made a big difference for us!”. We wish Gerben another successful year, along with SO Connect team.