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Privacy Policy

When using our social Wi-Fi service, we will collect data about you. We take your privacy very seriously and will collect and process your data in a secure manner. In order to guarantee your privacy, we always act in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

On this webpage you will find our Privacy Policy through which we would like to inform you of what personal data we process and why. Please read this information carefully so that you fully understand how we process your personal data and what your rights are.

1. Who is Internet Access?

Internet Access is a private company with limited liability, having its registered office in (1017 ND) Amsterdam, at Leidsegracht 107 (Chamber of Commerce registration number 64725561). Internet Access is fully owned by SO Connect Group, a private company with limited liability, having its registered office in (1017 ND) Amsterdam, at Leidsegracht 107 (Chamber of Commerce registration number 56838182).

SO Connect offers a service by providing consumers with free access to the internet at thousands of locations worldwide. In make our service possible and to continue to offer the service free of charge to consumers, your data will be collected by Internet Access while using the service if you provide consent, and this data will be shared with third parties. Below we will explain what data is collected, for what purposes we use your data, and with which third parties we share your data.

2. What data does Internet Access collect and process?

The data that will be collected, depends, among other things, on how you connect to the social Wi-Fi service of SO Connect. You can connect for example with your social media profile, or by providing your e-mail address; or choose to go online without providing any personal data.

Social media profile
To use the social Wi-Fi service, you can log in with your social media profile. Internet Access will then collect the general information of your social media profile. Moreover, that information will most often be specified by the concerning social media platform (such as Facebook) before you log in.

E-mail address
A second possibility to use the social Wi-Fi service is by providing your e-mail address. Depending on the location from where you use the social Wi-Fi service, you may also provide information such as gender, date of birth, name, postal address and your mobile number. During the login procedure you are able to see the exact data that will be collected.

Device information
Internet Access will process certain information about the device from which you make a connection and the browser that you use. As soon as your connects with our router we will register for example (i) the IP- and MAC-address of the device that you use to make a connection, (ii) the so-called user-agent such as browser type/version and telephone type/version, and (iii) the type of browser and the computer system that you use, (iv) the location where the connection is being made. We register this data when on your first connection to a SO Connect hotspot and when you return to the near vicinity of this or any other SO Connect hotspot around the world, unless you have explicitly notified us that you do not want us to do so and thereby forego the opportunity to automatically get access to the internet at thousands of locations worldwide.

When you use the social media service, we also process so-called IDFA and AAID information about you. These are, in short, advertising identification information.

Internet Access does not store any information about which websites you visit. However, it may be possible that Internet Access, for example in relation to a legal requirement, verifies if the websites that you try to visit contains detrimental content. We do this by means of a check of the domain name and/or the IP-address of the website that you visit.

3. What are cookies and how do we use them?

When using the social Wi-Fi service, various cookies are saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone (“Devices”), which can then be accessed. Cookies are small pieces of information (in the form of text) that a server sends to the browser (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) with the intention that the browser sends this information back to the server the next time a user makes use of the social Wi-Fi service.

SO Connect uses technical and functional cookies, that are necessary to offer a user friendly social Wi-Fi service, establish a connection, or to gain information on the quality and efficiency of our services. Websites or services that you visit when using the social Wi-Fi service, most often use other cookies. We have no control over cookies that are placed on your devices by those third party services or websites. It is possible that another privacy policy applies to third party services or websites that you visit while using the social Wi-Fi service. This privacy policy of Internet Access only applies to the data that is collected and processed via the social Wi-Fi service. Internet Access does not accept any accountability or liability for (the processing of and/or the content of) services and/or websites of third parties.

You can configure your browser settings so that you do not receive any cookies the next time you use the service. However, it is then possible that you will no longer be able to make full use of the websites you visit. To find out more about these functions, you can consult your browser instructions or the help function of your browser.

4. For what purposes will Internet Access use data about you?

Internet Access may use your data for the following purposes:

  • To provide the service and to allow you to use the social Wi-Fi service;
  • To communicate with you about the services of Internet Access and SO Connect. We would like to inform you about the development of our services. For example in case of a new feature or when there is an update we will communicate this information with you. We can also inform you about promotions that are and/or will be organized. If you wish not to receive any e-mails from Internet Access and/or SO Connect, you can unsubscribe via There is also an option to unsubscribe in every e-mail that you receive from Internet Access.
  • To protect, adapt and improve the service
  • In order to keep offering you SO Connect as a free service, we share certain information with our partners. We only transfers your personal information to third parties under an agreement that limits and specifies the purpose(s) for processing your information, consistent with any consent you provided during the login procedure. A complete list of our partners, what information we can provide to these partners and what these partners are doing with this information can be found here:

When you are making use of the social Wi-Fi service, you may also be using third-party services and websites. We have no control over third party services and / or websites. Thus, during the use of these services and / or third-party websites, a different privacy policy may apply. Our privacy policy relates only to data obtained about you through the social Wi-Fi service. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and / or content of) third party services and / or third party websites.

5. How does Internet Access protect your data?

Internet Access takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data against loss or any form of unlawful use.

6. How can you view, change or delete your data (opt-out and right to be forgotten)?

If you’d like us to delete your personal data, you can do this by sending an email to or by going directly to

You may also want to know what information we have about you. You may ask us to provide you with an overview of your personal data. You can do this by sending an email to and requesting us to provide you with an overview of your personal data.

If you have provided consent for certain use of your data by us or by our partners, e.g for (direct) marketing, you can easily withdraw this consent at any time by going directly to

If you think we have infringed your privacy rights, we kindly ask you to notify us by sending an email to This enables us to investigate the matter as soon as possible. You may also lodge a complaint at the relevant national supervisory authority.

We shall process your request within 4 weeks. Please bear in mind that we may ask for additional information to determine your identity.

If you believe that any child under 16 has provided us with any data, we kindly ask that the parent or guardian of that child contact us to ensure that such data is deleted from our files.

7. Transfer of data to countries outside the EU

For technical and operational reasons, it may be necessary for your data to be transferred to (the servers of) companies affiliated to Internet Access located in the United States or other countries outside of Europe. Since legislation concerning data protection may then not offer the same protection as in the European Union, you hereby agree that your information can be transferred to the United States or another country outside of Europe. In the event Internet Access decides to transfer your data outside of Europe, you will be informed first.

8. Can this privacy policy be changed?

It is possible for this privacy policy to be amended in the future. It is recommended to regularly check if this privacy policy is amended when you use our service.

9. Questions?

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via We have also appointed an independent Data Protection Officer, Mr Rion Rijker, who can be reached via