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Easily request and manage reviews from one single platform to boost your star ratings and search ranking

reviews so connect

SO Connect reviews

Love them or hate them,
online reviews are key to success.


Save time and hassle: manage and respond to all your reviews in one central location.

Reviews helpful for you

Collect more and better reviews to boost your rankings with automated review requests.

Beat your competitors

Compare results with competitors and get actionable insights on how to stay ahead.

How it works?

STEP 1. Read & respond

We collect and categorize reviews by topic, tone, and response. Know what they think of you and respond directly from our dashboard.

STEP 2. Boost your ranking

Reviews help identify areas for future improvements. And simply responding to them will raise your ranking on review sites.

STEP 3. Get new reviews

Check in with your guests by asking for direct feedback by email. Then invite satisfied diners to write reviews on their favorite websites.

Why Reviews?


Research shows that a one-star higher rating leads to a 15% more revenue.


87% of consumers rely on online reviews when choosing a local business.


Respond to 75% of your reviews to improve your sites rankings.

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