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Cats Hostel has a clear mission: to make sure their guests experience the most unforgettable trip ever. By using SO Connect to gather data and manage their audience, they are now able to get insights into what’s happening in their hostel on social media.

About Cats Hostel

Cats Hostel is a fresh, social, innovative hostel concept with locations in Madrid and Porto. Unlike other hostels, it’s not just an accommodation: Cats Hostels provides an all-round trip-experience, offering their guests a whole universe of activities.

Collaboration with SO Connect

Cat’s Hostels has been using SO Connect’s WIFI Marketing tool as one of their main sources to gather data and communicating with their audience. First, they were able to get to know their customers – the type of clients they were receiving – and later they were able to contact them constantly via the messaging tool and review requests.

When Reviews became available, they were one of the first customers to try it. Since then they have a proper view of all what’s happening in their hostel beyond social media. They can manage the reviews, they can visualize which are their best assets and how customers are perceiving them as a business at a glance.

Future goals

Cats Hostel thrives on innovation. Together we work to further increase guest engagement and satisfaction, with always new features. What will our next goals be? Stay connected with SO Connect!