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Jump XL is gathering valuable customer feedback in their locations that helps the local teams identify issues at any point in the customer journey, thus generating more customers whilst improving their services. Jumpers who were identified through SO Connect are sent an email message after their visit with marketing content and to ask for a review: this way, Jump XL is also climbing on the TripAdvisor ladders.

About Jump XL

Jump XL is Europe’s number one trampolinepark, present with 24 locations in 5 countries – France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and The Netherlands.  In these urban indoor trampolineparks, you can free jump, host jumping parties or even take jump fitness lessons. Jumping at Jump XL trampolineparks is booming throughout Europe!

Collaboration with SO Connect

As the network was expanding very fast, Jump XL sought to identify visitors at individual locations, without interrupting the customer journey. They wanted a way to get direct contact information of as many customers as possible for direct and online retargeting such as Facebook and Google advertising. Secondly, they wanted a way to better manage and generate reviews in order to climb on the ladder of the different review platforms.

Results and future goals

Using the WIFI Marketing routers, a captive portal allows customers direct access to the WIFI whilst collecting valuable customer information. At the same time, this customer data is used for generating additional reviews and through the Review Management tools. Thus, Jump XL is able to improve their services whilst improving their online reputation.