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With over 90% of its system franchised, and notoriety in 9 different countries, Crepes & Waffles places particular importance in localizing their customers’ dining experience. The rapid growth and the reputation as the friendly, neighboorhood diner made crucial for Crepes & Waffles to ensure the brand’s customers could always find the closest restaurant when they searched online.
However, the team realized that much of Crepes & Waffles’ business listings — the public facts about its products, contact information, and locations — were not accurate across the myriad digital services that consumers use to search today. This included missing phone numbers, incorrect addresses, and opening hours that weren’t consistent across their 184 franchisee locations.
That’s when Marino Orlandi, manager of the Madrid location, realized they needed to invest in a digital solution that would strengthen Crepes & waffles’ online visibility, ensuring that hungry customers searching for food nearby would always find correct and consistent information about the Crepes & Waffles brand – and no guest would ever show up in front of a closed door.

Offered solution – collaboration  

According to industry leaders, winning the attention of consumers is particularly challenging in the food services industry, which is one of the most competitive. In fact, 93% of consumers report that they consider more than one option when searching for a place to dine, and 67% claim to consider at least three before making a final decision. On top of this, diners are now searching for specific food items and details about restaurants before they choose where to dine. 76% of diners are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers in-depth attribute information — like price range and meals served.

SO Connect Listings enables brands like Crepes & Waffles to manage their digital knowledge about their products, location, and contact information across the entire Listings Network — over 50 maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. It also allows brands like Crepes & Waffles to publish menu details across the digital ecosystem, making them more discoverable for the specific dishes they serve.

Results – future goals 

In less than a year after launching with Listings, Crepes & Waffles’ local pages experienced a 35% increase in search ranking, while their listings on Google have powered a monthly average of 1280 clicks-to-directions and 920 clicks-to-call.