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Revenue Growth since Reviews Launch


Revenue Growth since Listings Launch


About them

NARANJATEC’s partnership with SO Connect began in 2015 when it was in the process of developing its offering to meet a growing need from its client base. Instead of investing internal resources to build digital products, they decided that the best way to move forward was to reach out to SO Connect directly and bring its software to its resellers and the wider customer base.

Collaboration with SO Connect

Over the years and with many business forecasts predicting numerous market growth opportunities, NARANJATEC’s worked closely with SO Connect to adapt and launch its products in Spain. This led to positioning them as a strong partner and allowing them to over-achieve their revenue predictions with every product launch.


Today, NARANJATEC’s business model is based on building long-term client relationships, ensuring that all services offered are geared towards value proposition over a period of time and not in the short term. NARANJATEC also prides itself on a strong set of values covering customer satisfaction, quality, service excellence, professionalism and integrity. They have not only diversified their digital services offerings, they have also managed to build customer loyalty, to get new customers and increase their revenues.