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The Fully Bookers

According to Mckinsey’s global survey, COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses over the years. Today, digital providers & marketing agencies need help to provide top tier solutions that will help their local businesses to move online quicker. The Fully Bookers are using Listings and Reviews tools to boost business’ digital transforms to keep them up to date with the times and gain them more profits. 

About them

The Fully Bookers are online specialists and digital service providers for the hospitality industry. They help entrepreneurs with hotels & restaurants to maximize their occupancy rate and make a profit


“We were looking for white-label products to rebrand and resell as ours. The SO Connect tools were easily added to our portfolio and improved our customer’s visibility online.”- Mitchell Ling, Director, The Fully Bookers


Collaboration with SO Connect

Besides industry knowledge and go-to-market strategies, The Fully Bookers were looking for easy-to-use, white-labelled digital services to brand as theirs and sell them to their local businesses and help them to immigrate online more quickly. They chose to start using our Listings and Reviews tools to help them achieve their goals.


While providing Listings, on average The Fully Bookers’ customers gained:

Alternatively, our Reviews – Request feature has been showing great success with our partners and delivering astonishing results of:

Today, The Fully Booker is using Listings and Reviews analytics to fuel their look-a-like social campaigns, extract actionable data and sell SLA’s to manage their end-customers completely online within their marketing environment. They are offering our tools as part of a bigger package that is focused on their customer immigration online.