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Pragma | Candio

Pragma decided to use a custom mass onboarding with an opt-out approach. Once an account already set and created, customers received an email to inform them about their active paid subscription and with the option to opt-out within 30 days of the free trial.

About them

Pragma develops technological solutions to solve the challenges and needs of the digital world. They help technology resellers, utility companies, membership organisations, professional services businesses and marketing agencies deliver white-label digital services.


“After launching the products through our business, we rapidly saw huge success and engagement and we onboarded more than 40,000 subscribers in the first year. We are going to be exiting our first year with a runway business of around 1.8 M and that is 100% recurring revenue, which is fantastic.”- Will Morey, Managing Director, Pragma

Collaboration with SO Connect

Pragma needed to offer their customers simple and cost-effective products. This would mean that the businesses they work with could engage better online with their own end customers. They decided to collaborate with us using both of our tools: Listings & Reviews.