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A’DAM LOOKOUT is opened 7 days a week, from morning to evening. Every day, a broad audience come to witness the unique 360-degree view; the ”experience-elevator”, which get them to the top of the A’DAM Tower, almost 100 meters up, is itself breathtaking. A’DAM LOOKOUT has been a SO Connect partner since the start of 2017.


A’DAM LOOKOUT provides an unrivaled 360-degree view of Amsterdam and the surrounding area. From the top floor and the sky deck of the A’DAM Tower you’ll see the historical center, its pulsating port, Schiphol airport, and the unique polder landscape. It’s not all: on A’DAM LOOKOUT’s sky deck there is Europe’s highest swing. You can swing back and forth at a height of 100 meters over the edge of the A’DAM Tower with Amsterdam under your feet – while the adrenaline flows through your veins.

Collaboration with SO Connect

“What makes us very excited is that SO Connect’s Reviews is linked to TripAdvisor. This feature offers our guests the option to write us a review, and thus get us up higher in the rankings. Both the quality of the ratings as the number of ratings is crucial. We’ve been open for just one year and really notice how the reviews had helped us” says Pauline, manager of A’DAM LOOKOUT.

Pauline also notices that, due to those attractions in Amsterdam that have been around for some time, they suffered a categorical disadvantage to competing venues.  The gap is now closing, partially thanks to SO Connect!

“If I’d have to say in two sentences how SO Connect has helped us, it’d be that we know even more about our guests now. Besides that, I’m very content with the TripAdvisor integration. It helps us reach international visitors and has put us on the map for good!”.

A’DAM LOOKOUT has benefited from its partnership with SO Connect on social media, too. “We’ve noticed that the amount of likes on Facebook has increased strongly. As we have a lot of international visitors, we don’t have that many returning visitors. That’s why we’re also exploring ways to reach locals”, says Pauline.

Results and future goals

“Before we started with SO Connect, we set ourselves the goal to reach TripAdvisor Top 50. We managed! Our current challenge is to turn the top 50 to top 20” says Pauline.

“In the future, we’d like to try to organize events for the local Amsterdam guests. We’d do that using the options the SO Connect WIFI Marketing has to offer”. Great job, Pauline! We are ready to achieve other extraordinary results with A’DAM LOOKOUT.