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The Little Gym programs aim to both social and cognitive development of little children. So Connect help spreading this innovative concept among locals and expats living in Amsterdam.

About The Little Gym

The Little Gym is the embodiment of a physical playground for kids aged 4 months to 12 years old. Their programs, developed for young children, are unique as they are not competitive, but fully dedicated to the growth and development of the child. The Little Gym’s primary belief is that gymnastics serves as a great base for children to improve their general, physical, and mental health.

Collaboration with SO Connect

The Little Gym has its roots in the United States but has expanded over the entire world by means of its many franchises. Carlijn, manager of the Amsterdam Location, chose So Connect to spread the name among the target group, which is made up of 50% locals and 50% expats.“Parents come with their kids and often wait for them at our location. That’s one of the reasons we chose for So Connect: it is crucial to service them, too!” says Carljin. How? By offering free Internet connection. So Connect provides the choice to log or check in at the location, but also to skip this. “That way, parents have free choice to advocate for or to like our location. Not unimportant: our receptionist don’t need to provide every other person with a WIFI password, but our network is still secured. It really speeds up things”.

Future goals

“In the past, we spent money on advertising on traditional media, but we notice that Online marketing works best.” says Carlijn. Together we are working to further implement WIFI Marketing and social media in the Little Gym Marketing strategy.