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Bike shops in Amsterdam: such a competitive market. You must always seek innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. That’s why the Black Bikes chose us to grow social media engagement and increase online reach.

About Black Bikes

Black Bikes is a bicycle repair shop and bike rental service which offers a successful combination of sustainable options, excellent service and a wide range of high-quality products. Piet van Duin, who calls himself Chief Cycling Officer, knows how crucial it is for a business in the rental and repair industry to be found by its potential customers. That’s why he chose SO Connect.

Collaboration with SO Connect

Says Piet: “It’s not really my thing, I sort of missed the Social Media boat. But, since we started using SO Connect’s WIFI Marketing tools, have become much more active on them”. The main goal set by Black Bikes was to get a grip on their Social Media presence and to increase online reach. “We have witnessed significant growth in the number of likes and check-ins on our social pages.”, says Piet. Through a custom WIFI Login portal, indeed, they are able to choose which platform their visitors should check them in, growing their exposure significantly. “Besides that” he adds “I’m in good contact with the SO Connect team and thanks to them, I find everything clear and easy to understand”.

Future goals

We’ve only been SO Connect customers for six weeks, but we’re impressed with the number of likes we collected in just this short amount of time”, says Piet. It looks like we are on the right track!  Together, we will continue this way, collecting new extraordinary results.