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With over 15000 locations worldwide, Burger King relies on SO Connect to increase guest engagement, so far with impressive results: it’s estimated that Burger King earns €17.500 per location per month in extra revenue due to continuous guest engagement.

About Burger King

Burger King is a world-famous fast food restaurant chain with locations and franchises all over the globe. One of its franchisees, Megafood S.A., counts over 50 Burger King locations in Spain alone.

Collaboration with SO Connect

Burger King found a partner in SO Connect to enhance customer relationships by offering free WIFI and being able to contact restaurant guests after their visit with special offers and updates. During the login process, Branded Splash pages offer a unique and engaging platform to inform clients of promotions as they are present at the location. They manage to keep the client informed at the consumption moment or to simply greet them.

Future goals

Burger King strives to foster the importance of Proximity Marketing. Together we work toward a better service and consistent communication with customers of all 55 Burger King Locations in Spain that are managed by our partner Megafood S.A.