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At first, Seafood Bar sought to gain exposure on Social media, while later their concern shifted to improving their online reputation and local search results.

About the company

The Seafood Bar is a seafood restaurant based in Amsterdam, boasting multiple locations with varying concepts. Organic products and fresh fish delivered daily are specialities of the house, attracting plenty of visitors looking for high-quality seafood.

Collaboration with SO Connect

Since partnering up with SO connect, over 15.000 Facebook likes and 3000 check-ins took place. The Seafood Bar is now one of the most popular restaurants on Social Media in Amsterdam. As their audience grew and new locations were added, they noticed that the influence of online reviews increased. Using the customer information collected by SO Connect WIFI Marketing, they could send review requests to their satisfied customers.

Future Goals

This year, we continue our successful collaboration, working for all 5 locations. Both locals who return to the location and tourist who find The Seafood Bar on TripAdvisor prove a continued source for growth and expansion.