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So Connect Social WIFI Hotspots are helping Hunkemöller automatically grow their Customer Base and personalize Marketing Efforts. Read here how.

About Hunkemöller

Founded in 1886 in Amsterdam as a special shop for corsets, Hunkemöller is nowadays a world-famous lingerie brand present in more than 23 countries.

As field leader in ladies underwear and one of the largest high street lingerie brands in Western Europe, Hunkemöller was in need of a high quality, yet rapidly scalable WiFi solution that could be implemented in each of their 730 stores.

Collaboration with SO Connect

Hunkemöller ultimately decided to partner with SO Connect for numerous reasons:
  • first of all, the ability for SO Connect to supply a “total package,” including superior WIFI technology with beacon hardware, and software that streamlined all customer data straight into the Hunkemöller customer relationship management (CRM) system. This way Hunkemöller was ensured a future-proof marketing solution for themselves, and the best WIFI experience for their customers. Win-win.
  • Then, SO Connect’s experience in doing large scaled “roll outs” with great care and efficiency. Hereby SO Connect installed the WIFI systems in all 730 stores within the record-breaking time of only 2,5 months!
  • Finally, Hunkemöller was enabled to supply customers with their own mobile phone app, in exchange for free WIFI access. This way Hunkemöller can stay in touch with its customers, even long after they leave the physical store vicinities. In the near future, this system will also allow Hunkemöller customers to automatically receive all kinds of personalised offers; including loyalty points whenever entering a store.

Future goals

Thanks to the partnership with SO Connect, Hunkemöller is now able to automatically collect invaluable customer data, grow their Social Media following and expand their awareness online; all through their guest-WIFI portals.  Supported by our new features – Reviews and Listings – we strive to reach even more formidable results. Stay connected with SO Connect!