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IKEA is gathering valuable customer feedback in their locations that help the local teams to identify issues at any point in the customer journey. Shoppers who were identified by SO Connect were sent a push message to their device as they visit the store. Giving feedback was rewarded with a chance to win a giftcard.

About IKEA

IKEA offers a wide range of functional and well-designed furniture and home accessories at low prices that as many people as possible can afford. This is the starting point for all IKEA’s activities, from product development and purchasing to the sale of products in stores worldwide.

Collaboration with SO Connect

IKEA wanted to improve the in-store experience by identifying fixing easy issues that customers encounter at individual locations, without interrupting the customer journey and without interfering with regular shopping behavior. IKEA sought a way to get direct feedback from as many customers as possible, that was valuable to implement and improve overall sales. They sought a way to identify small issues such as inaccurate pricing and employee mistakes, and optimize processes.
IKEA asked TNS-Nipo for help, who in turn understood that SO Connect was pre-eminently the right party to collaborate with on this matter. Using the SO Connect WIFI routers, a signal was sent to the phones of the users within the +22 million user base of WIFI Marketing. As soon as a user was identified, they would receive a push message that would appear on the user’s home screen. To improve response rates, the offer was incentivized with a 50 euro shopping voucher. Users were encouraged to leave feedback that they could accompany with photos of what they thought was important for their in-store experience. IKEA employees had access to their own dashboard that shows issues to be solved in real time.

Results and future goals

As a result of the customer feedback, small interventions such as pricing mistakes could be picked up on in real time. Teams are addressed on their performance and based on customer feedback, changes were deployed across all IKEA stores in the Netherlands. As a result of the large amounts of feedback, there are continuous sources for valuable feedback to individual stores.