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The NBA Café is one of the most unique spaces in Barcelona,  located walking down The Ramblas on the left, in a striking neoclassical building. It is an American cafe-restaurant with a distinctive touch: the NBA stamp and style.

About NBA Café

Galdric Serra, Brand Manager of the NBA Café, tells us that for just one year of running the business, it has been really well received among both of their target groups: locals and tourists.

‘In our business, we believe that social networks are a tool and the most important communication channel at the moment, we are all present as users and therefore as a company, we must also be’. Under the NBA brand that is so powerful, this establishment has perhaps an advantage over others, but that does not take away the need to have an effective strategy.

Collaboration with SO Connect

‘Here at NBA Café, we have a very important community that we have been building along a year and thanks to SO Connect we managed to maintain constant contact’, affirms Serra. They are aware that they have two very different types of public, on the one hand, the foreigner, who visits them once, but who is attracted through platforms such as Trip Advisor; and, on the other hand, the locals to which they seek loyalty.

“With SO Connect we are very happy, we are an establishment with very high traffic and being able to collect the data of all this volume of people that visit us is very important and has a lot of value when making important decisions. In the last WIFI Marketing report, we see that we have had 27,000 visits so far this year and this allows us to collect an important database that we can reach through emailing. In addition, with SO Connect WIFI Marketing we are able to know valuable information such as gender, ages, whether they are recurrent or not and other data that allow us to make better decisions about our business.”

Results and future goals

Serra affirms that having the synchronization that SO Connect offers with Trip Advisor has favoured them to remind guests to evaluate their visit to the NBA Café and this has enhanced the users’ reviews in an impressive way. We can say SO Connect and NBA Café have created an efficient team that obtains visible and optimal results. We won’t stop here, though: stay connected with SO Connect!