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Toast It is quite the sight between all steakhouses and pizzeria places in the Leidsekruisstraat. Once you entered you will find white leather couches, pastel-colored walls and you can hear Elvis singing in the background, channeling that 50’s feeling. SO Connect sat down with Toast It to chat about creating the perfect tosti, Miami, and offering social WIFI.

About Toast It

The Toast It concept was conceived by the three Amsterdam entrepreneurs Nathaniel Knitter, Oran Cohen and Marlon van der Aat. Once upon a time the three boys ended up on holiday in a nice diner in Miami and were so enthusiastic that they decided that Amsterdam needed a diner like this, too.

At Toast It you order your perfect toasty with a large milkshake. In addition, they serve the most delicious coffee from Brandmeesters. Oran Cohen tells us: “We first created tosti’s with everything we liked and eventually after a lot of testing hours created the perfect tosti! We consciously work together with the best cheese and bread makers in order to be able to serve the best for our guests.”

Toast It has just one rule: all day breakfast! ‘All day’ can also be taken literally, because you can enjoy these tasty sandwiches from 09.00 in the morning until 04.00 in the night. Can’t choose? We’ll make it easy for you, the Pollo Loco is one of the most popular sandwiches on the menu!

Collaboration with SO Connect

The audience of Toast It is varied, mainly friends, local people and of course tourists. In such a busy, central location, it is very efficient for Toast It and their clients to offer and receive free WIFI through SO Connect. In this way, you do not have to think about handling passwords to customers anymore. SO Connect Social WIFI has the advantage to make the owners gain more insight into the guests who visit their restaurant, with custom reports about the demographics of visitors. Win-win.

Results and future goals

“Besides WIFI Marketing we also got Reviews. This feature is incredibly efficient, since more and more people search online restaurants. This tool helps you as a restaurant to receive reviews from your guests and put you on the map for the good – as many reviews mean higher rankings on Google Maps. It is nice to see that our guests are satisfied and are happy to come back after a good experience!”.