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Either you need a quick caffeine kick or you want to enjoy a warm Espresso comfortably seated, make sure to swing by CoffeeLab. Organic food, high-quality coffee, and free Wi-Fi. We talked to Jeroen Veldkamp, owner of CoffeeLab, about the importance of online reputation for a successful business.

About CoffeeLab

Jeroen started the business 5 years ago in Eindhoven, Station-square. A very dynamic location, with 40.000 passengers each day. ‘Our love and Interest for central station locations started here’ recalls Jeroen. After a successful start in Eindhoven, a Coffeelab in Den Bosch has now been opened, also located in front of Central Station. While the Eindhoven coffeebar is a bit rough and urban, the one in Den Bosch is more designed.  ‘We love plusses but we love minus as well’, says Jeroen, ‘because the combination of plus and minus brings tension’.

CoffeLab has a very varied target group, mostly non-ordinary people, urban explores with broad interests.  And, of course, all mobile users. ‘Since 90% of our guests log on to our WIFI, we were looking for an opportunity to extract more data from it. That’s how our relationship with SO Connect started.’

Collaboration with SO Connect

Two years ago, CoffeeLab inaugurated a fruitful partnership with SO Connect. ‘We use both WIFI Marketing and Reviews. Through the years, we collected a huge number of emails and social media accounts. What we like most is the easy way to get people into our network: they log onto our fully branded WIFI portal with their email or social media account, while we collect relevant data that we use to target and reach them at a later stage with appealing offers. The system allows us to offer the right products to the right audience, at the right moment’.

‘Reviews is a great tool to get our review data from different social platforms. Within one single dashboard, we are able to collect, manage and respond to all our reviews! We are very happy with CoffeeLab’s performance on TripAdvisor and Google. We score very well on both platforms – much better than our competitors.’

Results and future goals

‘I would love to get a masterclass with the SO Connect team. They have brought us a lot, but I still think we can do much more with the system’.

Here at SO Connect, what we care about most is that our customers fully understand our products, and make proper use of their unlimited possibilities. For this reason, we offer them comprehensive training and ongoing support, sharing with them the best practices to implement our products as part of a success-oriented business strategy.