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City Poké is using Listings to manage brand and product information across its 7locations – boosting search visibility and driving store traffic.

About City Poké

City Poké has helped expand the Poké trend in Spain, growing from one location to seven over the past two years. The local star is Poké Bowl, a Hawaiian dish consisting of rice, seasoned raw fish, vegetables and sauce that is already a culinary wonder in the US.
Valencian entrepreneur Tito Perelló, founder of City Poké, says the brand is centered around three key ideas: innovation, freshness, and customization — letting each customer choose their perfect combination of flavours.

Collaboration with SO Connect

After the opening of the first restaurant in 2018, City Poké has expanded rapidly across the country. But the brand found itself still making manual updates to platforms like Google and Facebook. “Our target consumers are the younger demographics, mostly millennials,” Tito explains. “Obviously, they look for everything online, so we needed a solution that would help us deliver better information through Google, social media, Yelp and similar platforms.” With integrations across 50+ digital services including Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, and Yelp, Listings allows City Poké to easily update their brand information and improve search visibility across all these services in one go.

Results – future goals

Since launching with SO Connect, City Poké has meaningfully increased its search visibility — leading to an increase in the customer actions, such as directions and website clicks, which in turn demonstrate a greater intent to actually visit and a physical location.
“SO Connect has made it so much easier for our potential customers to find out about us — where we are, our opening hours, our payment methods, everything,” Tito says. “Now our customers have all the information they need, and it makes them more likely to choose us .”