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Five years ago, right in the Bilderdijkpark, bar owner Vincent van Aarle opened “De Liefde”. Thanks to the partnership with SO Connect, he found effective ways to promote his events and unique locations, increasing guest engagement significantly.

About De Liefde

“De Liefde” is a place where you can go for a coffee, have a fresh lunch and hold a candle-light dinner by night. De Liefde seats 120 people at its terrace amidst the trees in the green park, making it one of the most picturesque outdoor seating options in the city. Even when the weather isn’t so great – a common sight in rainy Amsterdam, the interior holds one’s own compared to the outdoor space. The light area, with a stylish bar and an obvious display of exciting wines, creates a truly unique atmosphere.

Collaboration with SO Connect

De Liefde has been a loyal customer of SO Connect for over 4 years. Says Vincent: “Since this year, de Liefde has been organizing various events such as wine and food pairings, and even Italian disco nights. It’s great to be able to inform my guests when such an event is scheduled to take place. Besides, about 15% of our visitors are tourists who often need to use WIFI. It’s an extra service to them, to be able to provide quality WIFI without hassle. In exchange, we ask for a like or a check-in. This way, guests can use WIFI while I get more local visibility”.

Future goals

As Vincent knows, SO Connect can do much more than just making guest WIFI available. Together we keep exploring all the options available. What we strive, is delivering the best experience possible to all De Liefde guests.