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The Royal Carrè Theatre has offered its stage to a very varied audience for decades: artists, actors, dancers and comedians. With SO Connect, Carrè is able to customise their offer to the different target subsets.

About  Royal Theater Carré

130 years ago, Oscar Carré started as a circus director and traveled throughout the country with his circus shows. Eventually, Oscar considered it was time for a permanent place to present his shows: since then, Royal Theater Carré is located in the heart of Amsterdam, near the Amstel river. Its magical atmosphere attracts everyday tourists and locals: in fact, Carré offers a suitable program for a wide audience, with both Dutch and English-language performances.

Collaboration with SO Connect

WIFI Marketing offers us many different possibilities, which others had not offered us yet”, says Pim Nugteren from Carré. “It was our goal to gain more insight in our target group because Carré serves a broad audience. This way we can target our visitors with offers that are especially interesting for them. SO Connect offers a solution, so we are able to approach our target group in a more friendly way”.

Future goals

For the Royal Theater Carré, social media are important tools that they’d like to use more. Here at SO Connect, we are working to help them create more social media engagement.