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Case Study: POS industry

 Story behind the industry growth 

Point of Sales (POS) systems have become essential for local business owners across several industries to drive growth and generate more revenue. From conglomerates like Walmart to the local coffeehouse around the corner, a POS system is a must have if you are looking to serve your customers.

The POS industry has seen rapid growth over the last couple of years, expanding their offerings of tools to easily create and update menus, inventory management and employee management. Undoubtedly, what has taken a more important role are tools to succeed online as a business owner. The results of this transformation to a more multifunctional platform are staggering. According to Grand View Research the market size value of POS software reached $9.3 billion and it is forecasted to grow to $18.0 billion by 2027. One of the main drivers behind this predicted growth is the variety of omnichannel solutions that POS providers are offering next to their more standard portfolio.

POS provides ease, reduces costs and simplifies processes – basically by being a one-stop-shop for local businesses. POS providers facilitate transactions in a diverse range of industries including hospitality, retail, transportation and banking. Although there are numerous similarities to these industries, the specific requirements from a POS provider have resulted in a diverse range of players per industry all at the top of their field.

Stand out from the crowd 

Local businesses are always on the lookout for one thing- how to make things simpler and to maximize revenue. The best POS systems therefore offer a combination of tools to support local businesses with robust reporting tools, great CRM management and loyalty and marketing features to get customers through the door, both online and to their physical location.

We have designed our tools with exactly this mindset, to support local business owners to get found and chosen online.

  • Listings will boost both footfall as online traffic to your physical location while in the meantime increase transactions. Bringing customers from search engines straight through to checkout.
  • Reviews improve a business’ online reputation. Potential customers will choose you over your competitors.
  • Website optimizer sets up a high-performing website to impress customers and win over your competition.

Our tools meet the current needs of businesses and have the potential to exponentially boost the number of in-store and online customers. This, in turn, leads to more transactions so that companies can thrive, leaving their competitors behind.

Be relevant

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that being relevant for your customers should be the main priority for any business. The POS industry has been highly impacted and has resulted in a new subsegment of providers that are offering a full spectrum of tools, features – all within one platform.  This is the best time to update your offering with our state of the art tools with a proven track record in your industry.

The results 

The results speak for themselves and are as impressive as the growth of the industry. To prove our product promise we had a deep dive into the results of a range of POS partners that currently live within our platform. On average the results after implementing our online visibility tools are:

  • 230% increase in of website traffic
  • 35% increase in phone calls
  • 72% increase in direction requests

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