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SO Connect launches Subscriptions

SO Connect proudly launches Subscriptions


To manage and maintain your individual product plans in one-go. 

Simplicity is key when it comes to developing our products and the launch of subscriptions is the first step in making our products even more user-friendly and flexible,  allowing our partners to focus on what matters most for their business. 

This update – tailored to the needs of our partners – is  designed by request from our partners and with our partners in mind . To easily create and maintain the individual product plans from the end customers in one updated dashboard was an often heard request and we are elated to share our newest feature that allows you to do just this.   

To supply our partners with a comprehensive overview of all their subscriptions was the core of this update, but as we are setting the stage for a complete API driven product we wanted to challenge the status quo and make sure to enhance the experience and user friendliness of the dashboard even more. All necessary updates you are looking to make to product plans are now enabled in the platform and are all driven by our powerful API connection, making the integrations more seamless than ever.

For end customers nothing will change, so no action or communication on your side is needed. All we ask of you is to check out our new dashboard and let us know what you think of it. We have numerous training opportunities available so be sure to check them out if you have any questions, remarks or comments on the new update.


‘” As we developed our roadmap for this year, Subscription was always on the top of our list to complete for our partners. With the launch we are heading towards offering an even more complete, flexible product and it allows us to set the stage for the upcoming features that we are in the mits of developing.”


Nicolas Dreux, Head of Product  SO Connect 

Looking forward


Moving forward we continue to  upgrade our products and look forward to opening up our API resources to allow partners to make use of this integration. Before the complete rollout we will be testing this with dedicated Beta partners to ensure everything runs smoothly. All Beta partners will be informed in due time. Can’t wait to work with our API integration? We have a waitlist available for partners looking to get started as soon as possible after testing.

Sign up today and as soon as a spot is available you will receive an invite.



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