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Tips and Tricks: Adding payment information

Adding payment info to your Listings wins more walk-ins

Welcome to our series from our Partner Success team. They will be sharing tips and tricks to ensure that you are able to get more from our products. If you put these tips and tricks into practice, you will get the best results for your business. In this blog post, we are looking into the reason behind adding payment information to your Listings. 

Cash is no longer king. Is that really the case? As things begin to return to normal after the disruptions of the pandemic, we are quite confident to say that there are a few changes that are here to stay; we’ve shifted to remote working, online shopping and trying out our culinary skills at home with varying degrees of success. When we do venture out, we keep our distance, sanitize our hands and limit human contact – including when paying for purchases.

Are your business locations ready to connect with consumers searching for local businesses that accept digital payments? For various reasons, using cash has been growing less popular for some time; let’s take a look at the following facts: 

However, health and safety concerns during the pandemic accelerated this trend exponentially. In Europe, and particularly Germany, where cash has stayed more popular, businesses are also seeing a shift. Cash saw the lowest use in the Nordics and parts of Western Europe such as the UK, and France; in Sweden, for example, 82% of people now make their purchases without cash; and in the UK, where 50% of people were already cashless by 2020, 75% of people say they now use less cash due to COVID.

Many pandemic-era behaviours that rely on contactless payment are popular and expected to continue even as things return to ‘normal’. Research shows the growing importance of these payment options to consumers — with 80% of those surveyed saying contact-free digital wallet options are ‘important’ or ‘very important in determining their likelihood to return to a store or restaurant.

Getting the digital customer

Because consumers are carrying less cash around, they are often looking for local businesses where they can purchase with credit cards, debit cards, or smart devices. If your business supports payment with cards or digital wallets, are you letting customers know this when they are searching for you online?
Customers often make the decision about where to buy while looking at online listings and websites. According to Hubspot, 80% of consumers search online before going to a location, and 50% of them purchase locally within 24 hours. When they look at your listings, are they able to see their payment options?

Add a payment option to your online Listings. 

It’s important for businesses to make that ‘Payments Accepted’ sticker visible and virtual. Take the time to populate your GMB and other online listings with your full array of payment options. It could win you that important new ‘Near me” walk-in business. 

Not sure how? You can use our Listings platform to quickly and easily add options across multiple locations and all applicable directories in a matter of minutes. 


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