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COVID-19 Initiatives for Hospitality Businesses

COVID-19 Initiatives for Hospitality Businesses

So much is changing in such a short period of time with the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It’s no doubt that one industry that is suffering the most immediate repercussions is the hospitality and leisure industry. Hospitality is among the hardest hit due to fears of community spread through travel and group environments. Lockdowns have created a precarious business climate for restaurants, bars, cafes and other businesses dependent on guests. 

But we also spotted a lot of positive inspiration! If you are a restaurant, cafe or hotel trying to weather the storm, check these initiatives designed to help the hospitality industry. 

Don’t let coronavirus grind us all down. Everything feels overwhelming right now but we’re all in this together.  


    Help de Horeca is an online platform created in the Netherlands to support hospitality businesses during this difficult period. Via, consumers can purchase vouchers can redeem the coupons as soon as the cafes and restaurants open their doors again.

For more initiatives supporting the Horeca in the Netherlands, check out this page.


Salvemos Nuestros Restaurants is an initiative of TheFork Spain (ElTenedor), designed to help restaurants reduce the impact of the COVID-19 health emergency on their businesses. Users can easily buy a Prepaid Voucher via – and the initiative will be also available soon on ElTenedor’s app and website. All restaurants, whether they are partners of TheFork or not, may participate in the initiative.

For more initiatives in support of the hospitality businesses in Spain, visit this page.

United We Stand

United We Stand is a hospitality-wide editorial initiative launched by Leading hospitality industry titles, Morning Advertiser and Restaurant magazine. It offers a resource to help workers and businesses in the UK affected by measures associated with coronavirus, providing advice alongside insights and support. Stay tuned to the website for developments.

For more initiatives of supporting the hospitality industry, visit this page (at the section UK).

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Last but not least, our initiative to support every local business in this difficult period, including the hospitality sector, is to temporarily offer our Listings tool FOR FREE!

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Our vision has always been to empower local businesses, and in these challenging times, that is vision is more important than ever. We are betting on your success and want to help you by offering these important resources at no cost.

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What more?

As Coronavirus is challenging the hospitality industry –  collaboration, alongside with creativity,  is the only way forward. One positive side product has been getting together of minds to face a common problem and discover creative solutions.

Here you can find the overview of the global initiatives and relief programs in support of hospitality businesses. And remember: we are all in this together.

Stay healthy and take care of each other!

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