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What is Listings?

What is Listings?

By Arthur van Benthem, Senior Partner Success Manager

If you needed to find a quick takeaway coffee right now and you didn’t know the area well what would you do? It’s likely that like the majority of the world today you would search “coffee near me” online to quickly solve your caffeine fix. Customers decide where they will spend their money from what their search results return and the businesses at the top of the search rankings are the most likely to be chosen and therefore receive the revenue.

This article is a part of a new series we are sharing about the benefits and ins and outs of our products. To start the series off we are going to go into depth about what our Listings product is, why businesses need it and which businesses are already taking advantage of it today.

What are Online Business Listings?

Listings is a tool that will let you update and publish all your business information across more than 50 platforms such as Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Uber, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Where we used to use the Yellow Pages to find a business now you put your business listings on Google maps and other online directories. Listings is a business listings management tool that allows you to simply update and change your opening hours, address, photos, keywords, delivery options and more all in a few clicks. Listings ensures your business information is correct and up to date which is vital to your online visibility, findability and overall rankings thus improving your SEO and leading to be found and chosen online. 

Why do I need Listings?

“Why do I need Listings?” is a big question that we hear when explaining how many businesses have benefited from the product. 90% of local searches happen online and 76% of those result in an action within 24 hours. That means when a potential customer needs a business like yours 9/10 times they will go online and search for it. The online search platform they are using will then show options that fit their search including your competitors. The businesses with the most up to date information will be ranked at the top of the searches and therefore more likely to be chosen. Make customers find you rather than your competitors with complete and accurate information making sure you are at the top of the search results. Complete, up to date and consistent information will lead to more calls, more visits to your website and navigation requests. 

Updating and claiming all these platforms yourself is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It can be prone to error as the majority of navigational platforms do not allow you to upload the correct data yourself. That’s where SO Connect’s Listings product comes in to help make managing your online listings as easy as possible. Not only does it support you in publishing, updating, claiming and creating a Google Business Profile but it also protects your data by constantly improving and refreshing that data. This means that others can’t create duplicates of your location or input incorrect information. 

Especially in these times with the pandemic, it’s become even more important to be able to continuously update your business listings as opening hours can change quite often and you want to make sure your customers know you’re open for business again. Business owners today know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and name, address, phone number (NAP) and that consistency and having up to date relevant information is key. Online visibility and findability are what it’s all about. You want to stand out from the crowd and move up in ranking across all the platforms online.

Who’s using Listings?

Businesses around the world rely upon improving their ranking to be chosen over their competitors by customers online, already 50,000+ businesses have made the decision to switch to our Listings product These businesses range from small local businesses to large corporations in a diverse range of industries such as hospitality, telecommunications, fast food chains and more. So no matter the size, industry or locality of your business having the correct listings determines its success.

What is SO Connect Listings?

So Connect offers Listings in a comprehensive, centralized and user-friendly dashboard. We let you publish your online listings everywhere with just one click so you can focus on what matters most. No more time-consuming costly days spent on updating your data across all those countless platforms hoping you get it right. We’ll do the hard work for you. Listings will continuously and automatically push all your business information to all platforms making sure your information is seen as verified and recent. Want to know how your business is performing? 

Getting found and chosen online doesn’t have to be time consuming or overwhelming anymore. SO Connect’s Listings product is clear, easy to use and can instantly update information for your locations online. Having clear and up to date information means you will get a better ranking in search results and therefore enjoy the increased revenue of being chosen more often by customers. Next time make sure your business is chosen over your competitors by using Listings to succeed online.

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